Louisville, Kentucky

2018 Irish Person of The Year

Charles “Chuck” Mattingly
Operations Director, Franciscan Kitchen

Charles “Chuck” Mattingly was born on April 22, 1961 to Pete & Mary Louise Mattingly. He went to Holy Family School on Poplar Level Road and then graduated from St. X High School in 1979. He worked his way through high school as a custodian at grade school & parish. In 1980, Chuck took a job working for Alex Horner helping him build his business. Alex sold the business to Chuck in 1986. He then turned that business into a retail party center in downtown Jeffersonville a year later. In 2004, the building burnt to the ground and thru prayer, hard work, and good insurance, Chuck was able to rebuild & start over.
After the store reopened in May of 2005, he felt emptiness knowing that there was more to life than buildings & profits. Through prayer & searching for answers, it was mentioned that Chuck could help at the Franciscan Kitchen. He started volunteering in June 2008 and became very interested in helping those who came every day for their meal. Chuck eventually started cooking on Friday, as well as serving on Thursday. After a few years of volunteering, it came to his attention that the kitchen was looking for a new director. Chuck spoke with his daughter, family & employees & decided he could balance the two in his life. He was hired as the Operations Director in September 2010 and has enjoyed every moment since. “It has been a true blessing in my life to help so many of my brothers & sisters, along with the help of so many dedicated volunteers. It is a privilege to come in every day & see how we can all help those who are less fortunate. I live by the motto every day…How would St. Francis handle this?”
Chuck states that he is no St. Francis by any stretch, but I can always try to be more like him. Chuck also says “It gives me a sense of well-being and a true feeling of love for those around me & makes me truly live each day with the comfort of knowing that God loves me.” He just hopes he is going in the direction God wishes for him. “I have a wonderful family & daughter, a myriad of friends. I continue to follow the path that the Lord has led me on. I help those in need every morning at the Franciscan Kitchen, while I continue to own & operate Horner Novelty Company.” said Chuck. He is always open to wherever the good Lord takes him.
Our Brother Marty O’Toole followed up by saying “I have known Chuck since his first few years at St. X. He has always been an outstanding example of a Christian person. He was always willing to help others who were down in their time of life. The fire which destroyed his business brought him to his knees. With faith he rose from the ashes. His story of why he helps others, to me, is exemplary. If there is a person to hold up for helping the downtrodden, it is Chuck Mattingly.”


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